Sirish harassing for Rs 50 lakh :Srija

The PR leader, Mr K. Chiranjeevi’s daughter, Ms K. Srija, on Monday lodged a complaint with the Central Crime Station women police against her husband, Mr Sirish Bhardwaj alleging that she was ill-treated physically and abused by her husband and mother-in-law.

They had eloped and married in October 2007 without the consent of Mr Chiranjeevi’s family. Srija was 19 then, and Sirish, 22. The commissioner of police, Mr A.K. Khan, said, “We have received the complaint lodged by her and we have registered a case under the Dowry Harassment and Dowry Prohibition Act.”

The police said that Ms Sirija alleged that her husband and mother-in-law had been harassing her and had physically assaulted her. She had recently re-registered all properties that were in her name back to her parents’ name. “She has alleged that this re-registering of properties in the name of her parents irked Sirish Bhardwaj and he started harassing her more,” said a senior police official.

In her complaint Srija alleged, “He started harassing me after an year of marriage. As I had married against my parents’ wishes and we are blessed with a daughter, I kept quiet. As Sirish is always expecting money from me I felt insecure and transferred all my properties to my parents. Later, the harassment increased and they kept a watch on my movements. I tolerated all this. Recently during my cousin Allu Arujn’s marriage, they called me several times to know my whereabouts. A week back he asked me to get Rs 50 lakh and after that I came home and didn’t go back. My mother-in-law was supporting him in this.”

Mr Bhardwaj is currently a member of Central Board of Film Certification Regional Office.


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