Singham Returns trailer out!

Ajay Devgn is back as the unstoppable force in the Khaki uniform, Bajirao Singham, and he is rattling all the right cages and making big noise with the release of the official trailer of the movie today!


Singham Returns is a hugely anticipated movie and it’s no surprise given the impact of the first one in raising Devgn’s star profile to new heights. Rohit Shetty is back at the helm and the flick is being produced by both him and Devgn under the banner of their respective home production companies in association with Reliance Entertainment.

There are a few differences from the original though.. Kareena Kapoor is the lady in the lead in this one and that by itself is sure to bring in more buzz and add the necessary glamour element to the film. This is pretty much the beginning of another popular franchise in Bollywood, folks and the fans seem only too thrilled with that.

Singham Returns is more stylish and more colourful. As a matter of fact, everything seems to have gone up a notch since the original, including of course the pulse racing, bone crunching action sequences.

Amol Gupte has taken over the role of the conniving and diabolical Godman on a power trip, and the one man and his loyal army of officers in the way is Bajirao Singham.

The movie’s trailer shows all the right mixtures of masala ingredients to keep the fans glued to their seats, cheering for the seemingly super human police officer with a penchant for justice.

The movie is slated for release on August 15th and that’s a good move by the marketing team behind the flick, as not only is it a national holiday, the themes of patriotism and war on corruption is undeniably a good fit in keeping with the mood of the people that day.

Watch the trailer for Singham Returns below:

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