Singham Returns Movie Review

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Thumbs Up: Action sequences, dialogues, Ajay Devgn’s acting

Thumbs Down: Wobbly plot, predicted maneuvers.

Yawns: A few here and there, when you see no point of the scene.

Action. Drama.Power. A Rohit Shetty Film.

The film just delivers what you sought for- SinghamDom. Most, who have seen Singham, will continue to see the same zesty spirit and with the second installment the SinghamDom just continues.

The power vested in the hands of the Police and what they can do when the need arises, is just left to our imaginings. But Rohit heads on to paint on screen a figment of an India, we all would die to see. A unit of 47 thousand to keep 2 crore people safe is what Mumbai Police sums up to. With grandeur and exuding persona, every Officer is a Singham in the film, be it head constable or the Commissioner of Mumbai Police.

Dipped in a Political amass, Singham Returns shows a face of India, we have seen before, yet choose to overlook. Dirty Politics, corrupted leaders, innocent and ignornant junta; and set against this backdrop is the tale of BajiRao Singham. He is strict like before, but mellow down at heart.

The ceetees and taalis, on every action sequence or whenever BajiRao delivers a very classy dialogue in his Maratha style, are just testimonies which clearly indicate what Stardom Ajay has achieved in terms of BajiRao Singham.

The film is in and out Ajay Devgn film and he just shines too bright as the Maratha Sher. We all actually wait for him to say the three magical words ‘Aata Majhi Satakli’ in his signature style and ofcourse ‘Aali re aali, aata tujhi baari aali’. And when he does, all are in his awe.

Star Performances:

Ajay Devgn has always been a wonderful actor, and action has been his forte since the onset of his career. Singham was epitomized by him, and there is only one Singham in the Industry- Ajay Devgn. Stepping into the skin of his character, Ajay just emanates his charm. High on style, we always have had a fetish for Well-dressed Uniformed Officer and with BajiRao adding more glamor to it, you can’t just help but notice how hot does Ajay manage to look in the Khakee attire.

Kareena Kapoor doesn’t have much to do on screen, but whatever she is given she does well. Looking graceful as ever, Kareena, just adds more color to the screen. Her role as a Salon owner and BajiRao’s love interest is just for limited screen time, and she contributes to the drift from the serious plotline to slightly humorous one.

Anupam Kher in the role of Guruji, is a clear indication, that veteran knows the best. In whatever he does, he is into the character fully. Zakir Hussain as Prakash Rao , a corrupt yet shrewd Politician is just as convincing as it gets.

When the protagonist is so powerful, there comes a sense of obligation on part of the antagonist to be as power-packed as the hero. Doing so, very effectively is Amole Gupte. He loves to be in the cinematic medium and we love to see him on silver screen. In the role of a Baba who is Beer Baba in actuality, the man just convincingly delivers a fine performance.

Other characters have done their part well too. Dayanand Shetty as an honest officer alongside BajiRao, just gives Daya the edgy look and it doesn’t seem he is casted by any starry shadow. The cherishable moment when BajiRao asks ‘Daya Darwaza Todo’, just lives in with Daya and Darwaza image he carries around.


Team Rohit Shetty has just delivered another hit. But that doesn’t stop me from pointing out that the narrative was weak at too many points. Though there is more Drama and the action is real, there are also moments when some scenes just don’t fit in. Yes I agree, Police Officers have family and they do have a personal life, but in a slightly serious film, some girlfriend drama and action could have been left behind by the story writers- Sajid and Farhad.

A special mention to the very strong and powerful background score. It just adds the required drama and effect to the scene. The mantras and Marathi chants will aurally teleport you and enhance the scenes very beautifully.

In terms of direction, Rohit Shetty just does what he does best. The sleek action has been served to our eye’s delight. But this time, the cars did fly but not too high! Bullets were soaring higher in Singham Returns. Slightly different than other Rohit Shetty films, this one just had a few misses here and there. When Rohit and Ajay join hands, a blockbuster is guaranteed, and with Singham returning to the screen, the flick is enroute to setting new records.

Watch or Not:

Releasing on Independence Day, Singham Returns will capture the Patriotic spirit. The unity by the ‘Gunjee Gang’ on screen is what we dream to see in reality. And we really hope that dreams come true. The explosive, like literally, combo of Ajay and Rohit, have yet again dropped a bomb, and its effect is quite viral. If you love the genre, and have liked Rohit Shetty’s line of films, you will certainly like it. And a must watch for Singham fans! Let the Singham Roar!

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