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Sampoo and heroine in Singham 123 Movie
Sampoo and heroine in Singham 123 Movie

A miracle happened last year when an absolutely unconventionally looking actor became an overnight star. He is ‘Burning Star’ Sampoornesh Babu. This Sam Anderson of Tollywood was purely a creation of the director of Hrudaya Kaleyam , Steven Shankar (aka Sai Rajesh). Hrudaya Kalayem was indeed a path breaking movie. However, if one chooses to follow this path, lot of talent is needed to write the script to make it uniquely entertaining.

“Pathetic Parody”

Singham 123 tries to take this path and utterly fails to create humor. Without any innovation, the writer Manchu Vishnu takes an easy path by inserting direct references to movies along with the background scores. Parodying was done exploiting all the cop films right from Pokiri to Vikramarkudu to Singham to Gabbar Singh to Race Gurram. All the top stars were parodied too. Ok, fair enough, when you are making a parody-based cop movie. However, a question to ponder is if plainly picking up a scene and making a spoof out of it enough to generate laughter?

Singham 123 (Sampoornesh Babu) is a super seductive cop with a swaggering personality. He is called by the Home Minister to stop the atrocities done by Lingam in a town called Singarayakonda. Singham 123 comes to know from his mother that he has a very old connect with that town. He is on a revenge mission to thwart Lingam who killed his father Jangam. The rest of the film is the war between Singham and Lingam.

Singham 123 Movie Poster
Singham 123 Movie Poster

The movie overflows with PJs. Yes, the trailer of the movie definitely was amusing and promising. If they had named it as a spoof video without making a movie out of it, it would have been great. But the makers have scaled it to 2 hour insipid long film.

Sampoornesh definitely has gained some confidence. Thanks to all the special roles, he’s been getting these days that improved his confidence on screen. Truly speaking, he is in fact like clay. And it’s in the hands of the sculptor (i.e writer), how to generate humor (that works) out of him. It would be imprudent to think that the movie will work by just making Sampoornesh look funny.

Director Akshat Sharma and writer Vishnu have ended up giving a film that totally falters. A handful of dialogues by Ratnababu were good. Thankfully, the songs were short and crisp and the movie duration was less too.

Coming to the technical aspects, there is nothing significant enough to talk about.

All in all, this was a pathetic parody!


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