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Singh is Bliing Review: Akshay-Prabu’s entertainer is silly-fun

The Singh is back and with a bang. This Prabhudeva film is entertainer for sure and captures the essence of Punjab truly. Akshay Kumar adds his Punjabi tadka and wins hearts with his comic timing. A fun film which at times felt stretched too. But having said that, a few elements are good in the film.

Raftaar Singh takes decisions from his heart and is a Maa da ladla, who respects women and falls in love with Sara crossing language barriers. Akki does action and comedy better and the film will garner a lot of attention based upon that. The family entertainer though a bit silly at a few junctures is pretty fun too.

Amy Jackson is good with what she does, especially the action scenes. Given that it is Prabhudeva film, larger than life action is expected, but this one has that along with a few good real-life action drama too.

Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson in Singh is Bliing
Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson in Singh is Bliing

Star Performances:

Akshay Kumar is the good-hearted Singh, who is a bit dumb but sure knows how to win hearts. In this one, he does action scenes up to his forte and rocks the silly comedy too. The film shows his Punjabi side and seeing him do bhangra is a delight. He is enjoying himself so much on-screen that seeing him, you’d start enjoying too.

Amy Jackson’s role is wonderful. She is a no-nonsense girl who fits the bill and doesn’t hesitate while beating the crap out of the goons. Her role is basically of a non-hindi speaking, videshi girl and the casting is done well. The action sequences starring her are done well too.

Others do their part and help in keeping the liveliness of the film. Kay Kay Menon cast as villain could have done much better job than just lipping ‘I’m too good’ every now and then. I feel his craft was not used to the optimum level and he could have had a much better part to play. Lara Dutta’s role is a mere accessory and all silly. But then again she does silly good.

Singh is Bliing Movie Wallposter
Singh is Bliing Movie Wallposter


The film’s script falls weak in so many places. The songs though done well, are many in number. They could have been done away with. The silliness might induce a few chuckles but at times are irritating too. If you want to watch it, use logic partially. But if you bring brains into the film, it might turn out to be very disappointing. But if you will just watch it to derive fun and overlook the places it goes wrong, Singh Is Bliing is by far the year’s entertainer.

The cinematography team deserves kudos as the film looks really good and colorful. It is a visual delight, be it Punjab, Goa or Romania. The music too is good and the Punjabi numbers are going to be in vogue again. Some of the tracks are re-used from Punjabi folk and pop songs and sound refreshing. Especially, Tung Tung and Maahi Aaja. Foot-tappers for sure. Even the track Singh and Kaur in the end credits is a nice one.

Watch or not:

SIB, despite its flaws is to be watched at least once. The film is a fun-ride. Just keep logic tucked away somewhere. Watch is for cute happy-go-lucky Raftaar Singh and sassy and strong Sara. The film will win Punjabi hearts and would do really well in the North.

Thumbs Up: A couple of songs, Akshay Kumar’s comic timing, Amy Jackson’s action

Thumbs Down: Too many songs, a bit silly plot, a bit stretched

Yawns: A couple

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