Singer Sonu Nigam Turns Beggar

The other day star Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam disguised himself as an old beggar and was spotted on the busy streets of Juhu area in Mumbai seating at one corner with his harmonium and singing his songs.

Sonu Nigam Turns Beggar
Sonu Nigam Turns Beggar

At first, the passers-by did not notice him but people began to accumulate around him as he started singing. The beggar’s soulful voice made people notice him but the people still did not know that the melodious homeless man was actually Sonu Nigam himself.

A video of this whole episode, named “The Roadside Ustaad” is now going viral on social media. Sonu Nigam said that he felt good when he attracted people even when he was not being seen as brand Sonu Nigam. He added that his act was not to fool people but to bring out the human side of the people which has been missing ion the busy lives.

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