Singer Madhu Priya’s ‘Love Story in Police Station.’

Singer Madhu Priya Marriage
Singer Madhu Priya Marriage

Madhu Priya is getting married with Srikanth today October 30th.

Singer Madhu Priya, who came into limelight with ‘Aadapillanamma’ song, has hit headlines with her alleged love story.

As per reports, she has been in love with her neighbor Srikanth for over two years. Since she became a major just a month back, she fled to the home village of Srikanth, Kagaz Nagar in Adilabad district, and has decided to marry him.

Priya’s parents too reached the village and despite their pleas to not marry at such young age and concentrate on her career, she is hell bent on marrying Srikanth.

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Parents of the love birds have reached police station with accusations on each other. On the other hand, Madhu said that she has even invited KCR for her reception on 2nd November.

But Madhu Priya’s parents want to marry her with him but they wants some time and they are ready to marry them in next year.

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