Singer Madhu Priya Love Marriage In Troubles – Files case against Husband

It is known that Telugu singer Madhu Priya has six months ago married her boyfriend Srikanth despite her parents were against her decision.

The differences between the couple have reportedly cropped up just three months after the wedding, and the result is Madhu Priya is in a police station, and Srikanth is in the hospital.

Singer Madhu Priya Marriage
Singer Madhu Priya Marriage

Madhu Priya had yesterday filed a case against her husband Srikanth in Humayun Nagar police station alleging that of domestic violence. She alleged that Srikanth used to beat her up regularly asking her to bring dowry from her parents. She said that he doesn’t earn a single rupee, and she took care of the entire expenses right from the wedding day.

She appealed to all girls to not marry people like Srikanth, who traps girls for only money. She asked apology to her parents. On the other hand, Srikanth alleged that he never raised his hand at MadhuPriya.

Last midnight, when Srikanth went to his wife’s house to bring her back, her relatives attacked him, and he had to be taken to hospital for treatment.

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