Singer Karthik finally speak about allegations made on him by Chinmayi

During the #MeToo movement, popular singer Chinmayi Sreepada made some shocking revelations about legendary Tamil lyricist Vairamuthu and singer Karthik. She alleged that Vairamuthu tried to sexually abuse her and Karthik attempted to sexually harass one of her friends, who is also a singer.

Karthik and Chinmayi
Karthik and Chinmayi

After the allegations, Karthik stayed away from the public domain and social media. After almost three months, the singer came out and opened up on the comments made on him. He said, ” There have been anonymous allegations and rumors being made against me on Twitter. True to my conscience, I have never ever hurt any human being or harassed anybody ignoring their consent.”

“I want to put it out there that I have never intentionally acted in a way that would make anybody feel uncomfortable or unsafe. If anybody felt hurt because of any of my actions in the past, please reach to me directly. I do believe in facing the consequences of one’s actions,” he added. Karthik also stated that his father’s unstable health condition made him look after him and stay away from media.

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