Singer Chinmayi questions Star hero fans

Chinmayi Sripada
Chinmayi Sripada

Fans and follower’s of star hero are very tough when it comes to pranks. Fans react very harsh, sometimes very abusive when made jokes on their favorite hero’s. It has been a long trend among fans, while giving counter’s to their opponents.

Though the hero’s mingle in a friendly manner, fans won’t. If any personality praises their hero, they will be overjoyed, if any one criticizes-they react quite opposite way.

Recently in a series of incidents, star singer has become a victim of the above-the taking side. Chinmayi, who has lent her voice to top heroines in south, has also sung over 1000 songs in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. This husky singer faced severe onslaught by a star Tamil hero’s fans all for just sharing a WhatsApp joke that featured their favorite hero.

While her intentions were clear of not insulting anyone, as she shared the joke on her Twitter site. The reactions from the Star Hero fans were unexpected to her, as they countered and attacked her on her Twitter page. What made her more shocking was that fans even abused her by using words like s**t. Few of them were also well educated personalities like Doctors, engineers and IT Employees.

Chinmayi decided to react to the comments made by the fans of the hero. She took her face book as the medium and questioned her abusers wheatear abusing in such a way is healthy. She also added that Internet shall be a platform of expressing one’s opinion publicly and also opposing them freely. The singer, however, also mentioned that abusing was the only way of condemning.

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