Singam Review

Rating: 3.25/5

Critic Rating: (3.25/5)

Suriya Sivakumar returns as super cop yet again in this sequel to the original blockbuster that shook the masses in 2010, Singam. Yamudu 2 promises a definitive, racy and fast paced action story and a never compromising brilliance from the handsome and rough Suriya. However, what the sequel doesn’t promise is what most sequels do not promise – go a level higher than the original. Though Yamudu 2 is a complete family entertainment with a better version of Suriya roaring like a lion, the fans who have already tasted the magic of the first part will be disappointed.

It all starts with where the first instalment ends. The viewer will get a glimpse of Suriya transitioning from the first part to the second with an interesting storyline. The cop is on a new secret mission to track and destroy the illegal smuggling of weapons that hikes up the crime rate in the city. This is where Suriya encounters the local Don (Mukesh Rishi), who is neck deep into the weapon smuggling. Suriya then meets Santhanam who helps him unravel the who’s who in the crime, step by step. The action cop who detests criminals later finds out that the local smuggling is just an eye wash to a bigger heist, where many important people are involved. The mastermind of this bigger scheme is played by Danny (Danny Sapani) who has a Mr India ‘Mogambo’ kind of a plan to rule the Nation. Suriya goes head to head with the mastermind and decides to bring the whole operation down with a well planned strategy that involves his team and squad. 

As anticipated, Yamudu 2 is a complete Suriya film. You will be struck and mesmerised by only one factor – Suriya. He delivers more than what one expects in the sequel, with an impressive makeover and fine punchy dialogues that make the fans whistle to the loudest. His surprise ‘Singam’ dance with Anushka simply enchants the viewers. Hansika plays a cute petite girl with nothing much to do than charm. Anushka is seen with more role and connect. The flashback between her and Suriya from the original is well connected. Overall, viewers will sorely miss Prakash Raj, who played that iconic villain role in the original. DSP’s music is just about average.

Yamudu 2 is a pop corn fare for all the Suriya fans who loved him as Singam!


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