Simran Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Simran
Movie Cast Kangana Ranaut, Catherine Dyer, Mark Anthony Justice, Robin Dyke, Evette Young
Director Hansal Mehta
Music Director Sachin-Jigar
Production Company Bhushan Kumar
Release Date September 15, 2017

Simran came into limelight some months ago, not for its trailer but the controversy about the writing credits. There was a fiasco and it became silent. Just before the release Kangana makes some spicy statements for the media to consume, in Aap Ki Adaalat. Whatever it is, the promotion has been made for the movie. Coming from an award winning director like Hansal Mehta, this movie gains more interest. Did Simran run well in the minds of audience?

Well, the answer is No.

Kangana in Simran
Kangana in Simran

Simran is based on a real life woman bank robber, Sandeep Kaur. Praful Patel aka Simran (KanaganaRanaut) is a divorcee and does a housekeeping job for a living. She stays with her parents in Georgia and has a wish to get a separate house. Her ordinary life gets a twist when she gambles on an unlucky night. This takes away her money and is succeeded by a money crime. The rest of the movie is about her crime journey and the repercussions.

The movie penned by Hansal, ApurvaAsrani and *additional story* by Kangana, falters at so many places with so many distractions and deviations. The movie tries to be a character centric movie at one point, and tries to be a serious thriller at other point of time. Suddenly songs barge in unsolicited. With so many such disturbances in flow, the viewer loses focus. However, one common thing is Kangana. She occupies the frame for most of the film. May be the director Hansal Mehta was too impressed with Kanganas acting skills and wanted her in every frame. May be its Kangana whose additional story made her take the center stage without worrying about the screenplay.The supporting characters look relatively less effective because of the over importance. On top of it, Hansal could not really handle the thriller part of the film. Hansal has a nice grip over the emotional turmoils like the ones he expressed in Shahid and Aligarh, but handling a quirky, thriller and chases seemed not his cup of tea.

Kangana Ranaut in Simran
Kangana Ranaut in Simran

Though the movie had some really natural moments, it had an equal share of artificial or typically cinematic moments which contradict the former type.

On the good side, we have Kangana giving a terrific performance yet again. Her Gujarati accent is almost perfect. Her histrionics and silences have reached another level. However at the same time, she should also understand that monopoly within a script will never work. A movie shall be one of the great illustrations of an actor’s capabilities, but shouldn’t be like a branding of the acting skills. Creating situation in the script and inserting scenes in the film just to show the actors talent is not helpful in anyways.

All in all, Simran suffers from a poor writing which loses focus almost everywhere in an attempt to get the best out of Ms. Ranaut.

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