Similarities in Balayya’s ‘Hara Hara Mahadev’ Posters

It is quite obvious for a dispute to rise where there is Balayya, earlier not too long ago Nandamuri Balakrishna has lodged a police complaint against a website for deforming his pictures. Looks like the same rule does not imply to the actor, the posters launched for his recently announced film, “Hara Hara Mahadev” depicts his face impersonated on Kamal Haasan’s and Mammootty’s bodies of their respective film posters Dasavatharam and Pazhassi Raja.

Doing this deed by others might be termed as plagiarism however in case of Balayya it might be given as creation of artistic work. One glance at the launch posters is sufficient to recognise the bad job done with the use of Photoshop, the person who has modified the poster has not even bothered to change the backdrop of the poster containing fallen men and other additional properties in dasavatharam instead has simply replaced the head of the actors.

Instead of bothering for a photo shoot requiring the presence of horse and sword the editor has simply chosen to use the poster from Mammootty starred Pazhassi Raja with all the required essentials where the face of Mammootty has been pasted over with Balakrishna’s. Only the face with angry expressions is transformed in the poster apart from which even the clothing and physique of Malayalam actor has been kept intact without even change in the color or swords and jewelry.

When the film producer, Bellamkonda Suresh has been contacted regarding the issue has clearly steered away from the topic denying all the allegations about the posters counter attacking with a question of “how can such things be said?”

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