Simha Movie Review

Rating: 3.25/5

Critic Rating: (3.25/5)

What is all about?

The basic story line of "Simha" is NBK is seen in a character of a professor in the first half of the film. Heroine Sneha Ullal will be seen in the role of a student and she falls in love with professor Balakrishna. Second half of ‘SIMHA’ will be flash back story and it is based on the story of a king and a queen.



As the trailers have given out, the film has Bala Krishna occupying most of the screen time (double action) and not so surprisingly its again the father and son duality.


The film starts with the story of the younger Bala Krishna (Srimannarayana) working as a college professor. As usual the best looking girl of the college (Janaki played by Sneha Ullal) falls in love with Srimannarayana (the monkish protector of justice); reasons for that are comprehendible only by someone who had seen enough Telugu films (Bala Krishna films in particular). As the first half progresses the screenplay tells us that Janaki’s and Srimmanarayna’s pasts are related and the flashback starts occupying the screen.


The daddy Bala Krishna with Nayanatara next to him and Kota Srinivas Rao playing the bad guy in a war between good and evil about the welfare of the region is the film’s flashback (absolutely nothing new, but might as well accept the fact that it is Bala Krishna film and get over with it).


What’s good

Plenty of aspects were good; only if you were to compare them with the previous films of the star.


What’s not good

The film has a extremely clichéd way about its screenplay. The humor is no good, the music was a disaster and the film takes the audience for granted.


Actors performance

Bala Krishna for once had not over done every single emotion and seemed bearable (enjoyable actually) after a long long time.


Kota Srinivas Rao pulls off his role with such an ease that makes everyone else on screen seem like amateurs before his mighty presence.


As usual the female leads had hardly anything written for their part and they didn’t seem much bothered anyway.



The film will be a mighty relief for all the die hard fans of NBK and they are gonna have a gala time relishing the flashback, the punch lines and the action episodes. For the others this would seem like yet another masala film which is worth watching if you don’t mind throwing away a little money and time.


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