Simbu requests fans to stop abusing Soundarya!

Actor Silambarasan aka Simbu aka STR, has quite a loyal fan base among Kollywood audiences and it looks like they are always ready and willing to go that extra mile to support or defend their hero – though one might argue things went a bit too far this time for sure.


Here’s how the whole thing began:

Simbu had watched the Rajnikanth epic animated flick Kochadaiiyaan like millions of others aorund the world and being quite involved in the social media, he thought it best to tweet his opinions of the movie after watching it. He does, have quite a few people following him on Twitter after all, and while the star gave more or less a positive feedback about the film, he did point out that obvious fact, like many others before him – the graphics or the CGI were not up to Hollywood standards.

Now while this has been a much mentioned criticism of Kochadaiiyaan, one wonders why an actor who knows the whole process thought it best to summarize it in a tweet to be read by thousands.

Anyway, Soundarya Ashwin, the director of Kochadaiiyaan, didn’t make a big deal out of the critiquing and simply said thank you – then.


But later, when she was on a TV show (Coffee with DD on Vijaya TV) in a much hyped visit, she was asked about Simbu’s comment.. well, not directly but she was asked what she would like to say to five people – and in particular Simbu. Soundarya perhaps thought this the ideal chance for a friendly comeback to the actor’s criticism and said “Simbu, don’t sing. Stop it.”

Well, needless to say that didn’t go over very well with the numerous Simbu fans who were watching and thus began the, practically immediate, abuse of Soundarya on Twitter. Evidently, things escalated to such an extent that Simbu himself had to send out this tweet:

Everyone has their rite to comment about anyone …request fans to stop this abusive aprroach … Pls treat others the same way u treat me.

This prompted Soundarya to tweet out too and inform the fans at large that there were no hard feelings between Simbu and her, and that they were childhood friends.
While this has calmed most of the agitated STR admirers for now, it remains to be seen if there is going to be any long term bad blood – the public may move on quickly but they hardly ever forget, especially insults to their idols.

Things do seem to escalate these days since social media became just a bit too popular with the masses doesn’t it?

Watch the clip of the TV show that caused all the trouble:

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