Simbu Hansika on splitsville

Celebrities are known for either flaunting or throwing their relationships away in public. The same can be said of the hottest affair that was hazily headed towards marriage. Looks like its now headed to splitsville. Actress Hansika blatantly told the media off late not to ask any questions about her plans to marry or about Simbhu. This coming from the very same girl who was constantly gushing and jabbering notes about their relationship on her social microblogging site.

Simbu is now alleged to be seeing actress Andrea. Some even say that this was the very reason for Hansika to  have parted ways with him. Was he two timing two glamorous women or whether he was just acting serious with Hansika, that is not yet known.

Meanwhile Andrea denied any association with Simbu at a personal level.

After Nayantara, looks like Simbu has gone one step bad from bitter. Time for amends before its too late.

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