Sikandar Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

After series of blows, Surya is testing his luck once again at the box office. Samantha, who is aspiring to bang Kollywood market kept all her hopes on this venture. With a pre release business of around 90 Crores, this venture came on to the screens to fetch huge profits to the distributors. After the mass ventures of “Singham” and “Singham 2”, everyone are now interested to see Surya in another mass blockbuster “Sikandar”. Read on to know whether these expectations have been met by the film unit or not.


Krishna comes to Mumbai in search of Raju Bhai(Surya). He meets Kadar Bhai who says the story of Raju Bhai and Chandru. In the flash back episode, Raju Bhai falls in love with commissioners’ daughter (Samantha). Meanwhile, attacks will happen on Raju Bhai and Chandru. In a process to find out the real culprit, Raju Bhai comes across Sangeetha Shiromani Bhairavi Ganapathi (Brahmanandam). Things turn messy and series of kidnaps will happen. In this process, commissioners’ daughter too gets kidnapped. How will Raju Bhai save his love and how will oppose the villain has to be seen on the big screen.


Surya looked stylish in the mass role. Samantha is absolutely glamorous. She was even seen in bikini before interval. Surya’s stylish looks combined with Samantha’s visual treat entertained audience. With respect to action, Surya performed to his best and Samantha’s acting ability too turned out be a plus point for the venture. Co-stars supported well but the film maker failed to give more scope to the supporting comedy actors. Brahmanandam’s plot could have been much better.

Technical Aspects:

Film makers didn’t compromise on the quality of the flick. Film director failed to impress audience with the plot and the story. Screen play didn’t attract audience in the theatre and the story too is abit of routine style. Even though there were good set of twists, entire story could have been much better. Lag factor too affected the flick. Film maker could have made it short and sweet rather than long with more lag factor.

Cinematography looked good and the background score too is fine. Editing works, visual effects, choreography and other technical aspects are all ok. Few songs were well picturized and few scenes were not well executed.

On an average:

On an average, this venture has average first half and a slow drop in the second half. For Surya’s fans, this flick might be a treat as he was shown in a stylish avatar. For sure, it will impress Samantha fans too as she went for good glam show. With respect to the story, one can see this venture for the twists. Finally, it is a routine revenge story with an average plot. This picture may not reach the heavy expectations which were clouded before the release of this venture. One can watch this flick for Samantha, Surya and the twists. One cannot expect different plot or well framed screen play.

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