Sikandar drops his surname!

Strange, but it’s true! Sikandar we hear has decided to disassociate from his star surname and make it on his own steam. And now, Sikandar Kher… sorry… only Sikandar. The actor has decided not to attach the Kher surname to his name anymore. Sikandar wants to be a self made man like his father Anupam Kher.

In fact, he chose to be an assistant director before turning actor to discover acting and filmmaking. So Sanjay Gupta introduces Sikandar as Sikandar only. No Kher attached to the name. Director Hansal Mehta says, "Sikandar is a dashing name. And what’s more he is talented and will make it big on his own. Nobody will refer to him as Sikandar Kher then. He will be called Sikandar… just Sikandar." Ok point taken. Mr Sikandar!

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