Siddharth’s allegations were aimed at Dhanush?

Yesterday was a day of conflict and swift resolution in Kollywood, when actor Siddharth tweeted out a series of angry allegations against the producer of his movie Jigarthanda for postponing its release without consulting them (the cast and crew) and he also made certain implications that unnamed third parties were out to destroy the flick’s good prospects.


Later in the day though, Kathiresan, the producer of Jigarthanda, came out with a press statement in which he explained that the reason for delaying the release of his movie was essentially because Dhanush’s Velai Illa Pattathaari, which came out the week before was doing exceptional business and it made good sense to put a gap between the two releases.

This would ensure that his movie’s chances were equally good, given the reviews he had received so far from screening it were positive.

He also added that under no circumstances would he be influenced by a third party to take any action and that this, quite simply, was not the case here as well.

Now, Siddharth it seems wasn’t just blaming some unknown third party for the whole mess, no. It seems he thinks it’s Dhanush’s fault.. indirectly at least!

The friendship between Kathiresan and Dhansuh is well known in the industry and among fans as they worked together in the national award winning movie Aadukalam.

Siddharth suspects,as do many, that it is this relationship that caused the producer to push the release date without consulting him or the director of the flick, Karthik Subbaraj.

The young actor, in a rather dramatic plea, asked the fans to support him and his movie and declared with gusto that nobody can kill a good film. A bit of an overreaction to a semi serious issue, some felt.

In any case, now Jigarthanda is set to come out on August 1st. But now we’ll have to see how it fares against the other big releases that month as well.

The film stars Siddharth and Lakshmi Menon in the lead and is touted as a musical gangster story.

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