Siddharth tweets out angry allegations over Jigarthanda!

Yes folks, Siddharth is furious and has grabbed the spotlight with his series of controversial tweets. Now what’s got our young hero all riled up you ask? Why, the postponed release date of his movie Jigarthanda of course!


Yes, for those of you who haven’t heard – the release day of Jigarthanda, which was to come out on July 25th has been delayed and no new date has been announced.

This news came out rather unexpectedly as till now, the posters and promos for the movie were aimed for its release this Friday. Siddharth though is even more irked that the producer of the movie did not inform him or the cast of the news but thought it fit to personally deliver the news to other producers. The young actor also blames some mysterious third parties for this whole mess.

Check out his series of tweets which has caused quite the commotion in Kollywood:

The producer of #JIGARTHANDA has personally informed other producers and distributors about the postponement. He has not informed us yet.

We need a miracle. Praying! Give us our release date.

Heartbreaking. Paper ads with theaters list till Tuesday for a Friday release and then this happens. God save cinema! #JIGARTHANDA

All lovers of cinema, please support @karthiksubbaraj & our team. Whenever our film releases it needs all your help. We are helpless today.

Karthik, our whole team and I worked really hard for Jigarthanda.With no respect for us, without even discussing it with us…postponed.

Whoever you are who aided in this dirty game, you can delay us you cannot stop us. A good film cannot be killed. #JIGARTHANDA

Sorry Jigarthanda fans. External unfair pressure is forcing our film to be postponed. #JIGARTHANDA @karthiksubbaraj

Well, that is rather a strange circumstance and Siddharth’s devotion to the flick is very evident.

Jigarthanda stars him and Lakshmi Menon in lead roles, and is touted as a ‘musical gangster flick’. It has been directed by Karthik Subbaraj. It is being produced by Kathiresan, under the banner of Five Star Films.

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