Siddharth spoke about the breakup – Nori came into picture!

siddharth nori love

From the past few days, Samantha has been tweeting and expressing her views about breakup and love. Few other heroines too expressed their curiosity to know what exactly happened in Samantha’s life.

Now, Siddharth too spoke about the breakup episode. In an interview, he mentioned that Nori, the dog which belongs to Samantha, was with his Mowgli even now. He stated that they don’t know about breakups.

Nori is a dog which Samantha found in the streets. It seems that she took immense care of this dog and raised it. Now, this dog is with Siddharth playing with Mowgly. Most of the people doesn’t know about Nori and with this interview of Siddharth, Nori came into picture.

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