Siddharth requests fans in AP to be safe

Actor Siddharth has a long emotional connect with Telugu film lovers. Though his last statements about viewers here having no taste over his film “Something Something” did not go in good taste, he definitely cares for his people here. The actor has just finished his final schedule with Karthik Subbaraj’s upcoming film, Jigarthanda, in Madurai. This is a name of a special drink in Madurai and the film has been titled apt. Sid received the news of the possible separation of State in few hours into Telangana and he instantly tweeted his concern – “Whatever the decision on Telangana this evening, we pray that humanity will prevail and people will be unharmed. No more bloodshed. Please. People in Hyderabad & all over the ‘state’, please be safe. Protect yourselves and take all precautions. Stay home. God bless.” There is a cloud of anxiety amongst  civilians about the outcome of the announcement. Siddharth said it right – No More Bloodshed!

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