Siddharth angers the Producers!

There really seems to be no end to the Jigarthanda release controversy and maybe given that the movie is coming out this week, it is a good thing for those with a stake in it.


But now it seems that apart from those directly involved in this issue and some sympathizers, the producers of Kollywood, as a whole, have something to say too – and it’s not all that pleasant for actor Siddharth!

Let’s recap first, shall we..

The whole mess started when Jigarthanda, which was supposed to come out on the 25th of July, got a sudden postponement because the producer of the flick, Kathiresan of Five Star Films, decided so.

Now, it is obvious in hindsight that Siddharth, who plays the lead in the movie, was really looking forward to the big day.

He did not react well to the news or to the fact that neither he nor the director was informed first by the producer before making this decision. So, he tweeted out a series of rants accusing the producer of not showing them (the cast and crew) enough respect and for bending to the will of third parties who were hell bent on destroying the good prospects of the movie.

The third party in this case would be actor Dhanush, whose movie Velai Illa Pattathaari, had come out the week before and was doing phenomenal business. Kathiresan had a good relationship with Dhanush.

Factoring this in, and because he wanted his own movie to do well, he decided to delay Jigarthanda’s release by a week. A good business decision, he felt.

Now, the producer’s guild of Tamil Nadu or the Tamil Film Producers Council say Siddharth had no business tweeting those things out. They feel an actor’s job ends with him or her finishing the project and being paid and it is the producer’s decision alone when the movie is released.

The producer gets to make that call based on all the relevant factors, for the good of the product and of those involved with a financial stake in it. Even if the actor has a problem with the producer’s decision, he or she must resolve it discreetly and not by airing these issues in public spheres or so says the TFPC.

Again, one must say that sounds pretty reasonable.

Siddharth’s over the top and rather dramatic tweets may be colourful to read, but are they professional coming from an actor who has over a decade’s worth of experience in the industry?

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