Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)


What’s it about?

The film ‘Siddham’ is a free make of the Hindi film Ab Tak Chappan. The film is about an encounter specialist and looks at the life of such a cop.


The plot:

The entire story revolves around the life of task force inspector Dayanand (Jagapathi Babu). Dayanand is a sincere police officer and he is also a loving family man. He has a loving wife Sindhu Menon and a young daughter.

Dayanand has a wide network of informers and he traces out criminals belonging to Chota and Bilal gangs and kills them one by one. Dayanand gets full support in all his operations from police commissioner Kota Srinivasa Rao.

After Kota retires a new man comes in his place. The new top cop (Radha Ravi) is not happy with the way Dayanand is killing the men of Chota. He asks Dayananad to layoff his hands from Chota men but Dayanand refuses.

Dayananand gets information about a dreaded sharp shooter Ashok (Subbaraju) of Chota gang who has landed in Hyderabad. He nabs him and after a while we understand that he has escaped.

Dayanand’s wife is killed and the needle of suspicion points towards Ashok. Did Ashok actually kill Sindhu Menon or is it the work of someone else? How does Dayanand tackle the obstacles created by the police commissioner?

How does Dayanand, who is forced to quit his job, manage to trace out the real killer of his wife and take revenge? Answers to all these and much more can be found on the silver screen.


The actors:

The film is all about encounter specialist Dayananand played by Jagapathi Babu. He carries the film single-handedly on his shoulders. Jagapathi Babu is perfect and very convincing as a cop.

Sindhu Menon plays a rather subdued role of a housewife, in contrast to her rather bubbly and talkative character in Chandamama. Her role is very brief and does not offer much scope for performance.

Mukul Dev plays the role of gangster Bilal and he is good. Radha Ravi as police commissioner also does a neat job. Narsing Yadav and others do justice to their roles.

Best scene:

The best scene in the film is the climax. Jagapathi Babu catches up with the dreaded gangster Bilal and coolly executives his plan of eliminating him. The climax is short, cool, neat and clean.

The bottom line:

The film ‘Siddham’ as the title suggests is a police film. The film revolves around the life of a tough and sincere police officer who kills evil men in the society in encounters.

There are very few commercial elements in the film and unless you are a die hard fan of cop films, the film may not appeal to you completely.

The film has been neatly made but the subject offers little scope for comedy and romance and so its appeal is largely restricted to only a particular section of audience.

 But if you are a big fan of Jagapathi Babu, then Siddham is a must see film for you.

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