Sibling Workers Cheated Sibling Actors

In a shocking incident, two West Bengal men named Vjay and Ajay, two brothers, have cheated Bollywood actors Tej Sapru and his sister Preethi.

Tej Sapru and Preethi
Tej Sapru and Preethi

The two actors are well known for their acts in several films and serials. Ajay and Vijay have been working in their respective houses for a long time, and they have earned the trust of their masters. During their stay, the duo learned where their masters keep the valuable things.

The other day, when both Tej and Preethi were for shooting, Vijay and Ajay looted the respective houses and are on the run now. After learning this, a police complaint has been lodged and the investigation is on.

The duo has run away with valuables worth Rs 30 lakh it is heard.

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