Sibi Malayil teams up with Jayaram again

Veteran director Sibi Malayil was recently in news when he was ‘banned’ by the Film Exhibitors Federation for some alleged remarks he made against them in an interview with a popular television channel. This was of course the second ban on a director – the first being on B Unnikrishnan – by the FEF in a matter of weeks.


But like Unnikrishnan, the ban seemed to have had no impact on Malayil, in fact one might say it has sprung him in to action as he has announced a new project with actor Jayaram in the lead.

The film maker, who has delivered many classics in the past, has not been very prolific as of late and his last movie Unnam which came out in 2012 was a commercial and critical failure.

Malayil looks to change all that with the new Jayaram starrer. The duo have worked together in memorable hits like Kaliveedu and Summer in Bethlehem in the past, and this one just might recreate the magic..

The script of the movie has been penned by K Gireesh Kumar who wrote yet another Jayaram hit Swapnasanchari. As per the latest reports, the director is busy with the scouting of locations for the flick.

Sources say that Priyamani maybe the heroine in this one though the other cast and crew haven’t been chosen yet.

It will have to be seen how the movie fares commercially – when it does come out that is – given that the Exhibitor’s have banned the director. This means the movie will have very little theatre space available for screening. Will some sort of a truce be made between the two parties?

And where does FEFKA stand in all of this?

Well, all one can say is – as is often with the industry, and especially with Mollywood these days, whatever happens – it’s sure to be cinematic..

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