Sibi Malayil banned by Film Exhibitors Federation!

Here we go again! It was only recently that the feud between director B Unnikrishnan and the Film Exhibitors Federation, which basically got all other Mollywood organizations involved and eventually led to a ban on the director by the FEF, came to a much hoped for conclusion. Now the FEF has banned senior director Sibi Malayil too!


This just comes as shocking news to any Malayalam movie fan as Sibi Malayil is, without a doubt, one of the legends in the biz and has been responsible for some of the most iconic Malayalam movies of all time.

Films like Kireedom, Thaniyavarthanam and many others are almost part of popular cinema history at this point.

So it comes down on one to ask – is no one safe from this ‘ban frenzy’ we have going on in Mollywood?

This latest act of justified retribution by the FEF was necessary, according to them, because of Malayil’s own alleged malicious comments against the exhibitors and their organization in an interview to a leading television channel recently.

Incidentally though, Malayil is also one of the senior members of the Film Employees Federation of Kerala – the ‘nemesis’ organization of the FEF – and had been one of the first to support B Unnikrishnan when that feud had reached a crescendo. Coincidences seem to be piling up a bit if in fact the two cases are unrelated as the FEF claims.

Sibi Malayil’s last movie was the Asif Ali starrer Unnam which came out in 2012 and was a commercial and critical disaster. He had not worked on any new project since then, as far as we know. It is unclear what the director’s response to this new obstacle before him would be, and also if it would in any way affect his long term professional plans.

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