Shyamdhar Confident in 7th Day

Director Shyamdhar whose movie 7th Day, starring Prithviraj, is all set to release tomorrow on the 11th is completely confident in his movie.


“I put a lot of effort in to the script and it was done with patience. I’m confident that it will entertain people.” Says Shyamdhar about his movie, which he calls a ‘feel good suspense thriller’.

He also refused to comment on Aashiq Abu’s Gangster starring Mammootty, which is also releasing on the same day, in spite of the massive amounts of buzz it’s getting. Aashiq and Megastar Mammotty are established veterans in the industry and I’m just starting off, he adds.

Prithviraj also gets high praise from the young director for the amount of effort he put into playing his part – that of a 42 year old policeman with a peculiar character who goes above and beyond the scope of his duty to solve the mystery involved.

Ajmal Ameer who was initially supposed to play a major role in the movie was cut out making some news in the media. Though the actor and the director claimed different reasons for this decision, the fact remains we do not know if his part was replaced or left out.

The plot revolves around the series of events that turn the lives of five people upside down, on Christmas night and ends on New Year’s Day – signifying the seven days hinted in the title. The film is suspenseful and nail biting, if the rumours are to be believed.

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