Shruti Hassan Turns Head Ache For Producers

Actress Shruti Hassan is not only known for her hot looks but also for bold attitude. The talk in the industry is that she usually dont care things and behave in a manner she likes to. She has got a lot of fame in very less time and emerged as one of the most sought out heroines in South India. The actress is now showing stars in daytime to some of the producers. Earlier she has walked out of Nagarjuna’s Oopiri without prior information. As per the reports, now the actress is troubling few producers by arriving to the sets very late.

Shruti Hassan Troubling Producers
Shruti Hassan Troubling Producers

Shruti Hassan always has a reputation for coming quite late to the sets but now, the situation has become worse resulting in damage for her good reputation.

Apparently, Shruti is now coming at around 12pm to sets, wasting valuable call sheets and the time of production unit. The film unit also can not do anything as she is a star heroine who is enjoying top position in South. If the situation continues for few more films, she is sure to taste the bitter results.

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