Shruti Hassan – Suresh Raina Vs Anushka – Virat Kohli!

Chennai Super Kings created friendship between Shruthi Hassan and Suresh Raina. While Suresh played for CSK in the IPL seasons, Shruti Hassan cheered them up with her support. This raised the rumor that Shruthi Hassan and Suresh Raina are in love with one another.


This rumor turned popular and it went to a major extent. These celebrities conducted press meets to clarify the issue and still the rumor is on progress. On the other hand, the same is the situation with Anushka Sharma and Virat Kholi. This pair acted in a commercial ad and it turned out to be the point for rumors.


Even though, Anushka and Virat Kohli revealed their statements that there is no truth in this aspect, rumors are raising high all over India. Now, the competition is all between the pace of rumors of these 2 sets of celebrities. Looks like, Shruthi Hassan and Suresh Raina are leading the race!

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