Shruti Hassan in financial trouble?

Sounds rather ‘ordinary’ and unlikely but even celebs have money problems from time to time, and this time the sources tell us that it’s the glamorous and talented Shruti Hassan who’s having some issues in that area.


It’s not that scandalous but something that happens to many people; just not many stars – the cheque which the actress paid as the first installment for the home loan on her new house in Mumbai was returned by the bank due to – get this – ‘lack of sufficient funds’!

Her cheque bounced!

One wonders at this point how pricey a home it must be for Shruti Hassan, of all people, to have to take a loan in the first place and then have insufficient funds to pay the installments! Well, the Mumbai luxury residences are in a league of their own.

It was only recently that the young diva moved in to her new luxury home, which came with full ‘security measures’ ironically.

But that’s not the end of the story – it has a happy ending too… for the bank officials at least.

When they tried to get in touch with the actress for the amount in question but couldn’t ‘reach’ her no matter how desperately they tried, they had but one choice left – go to daddy dearest!

Yes, it’s been reported that the bank had to contact Kamal Hassan himself at his Chennai office to settle the matter somehow and upon hearing about the situation, the actor immediately paid off the money required.

Loving father indeed, but what has Shruti got to say about all this? We do not know.

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