Shriya spotted drunken in PUB!

Actress, Shriya Saran who has got a good fame through her stage performances, appearing in IPL & CCL finale, was recently in news for being spotted in a Chennai based pub boozing and dancing.

According to rumors, Shriya Saran was seen in the dance floor dancing on her drunkenness at the party organized by Reema Sen recently. The photographs too were clicked of drunken Shriya Saran, and seeing them, the news became hot news of the town. The actress was in such a condition that was dropped home by one of her friend in the party night.

But the actress claims, all these are nonsense allegations about her and she will sue the person who spread this baseless rumor. She has also taken this issue to Twitter and posted that such stories are mere gossips and that if such acts take place she would go to the extent of suing the people who creates such nonsense gossips.

“I rarely go to pubs. During the last few weeks, especially on that particular day I did not went to any pub nor taken any alcohol. I don’t understand who is creating these rumors. If, this continues any further, I am going to sue them” is what Shreya comments upon those gossips. Which seems to be completely contradictorily to the photographs of her posted in the internet when she was drunk and dancing on the floor? For that, she says , “They are not my photos. Some people intentionally doing all this nonsense. They have placed the morphed photos in the net. I will drag them to courts unless they remove them immediately and tender unconditional apology to me.”

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