Shreya Saran impresses Amritraj

MUMBAI, MAY 16 (INDIATIMES MOVIES) It is not often that a man of Ashok Amritraj’s stature goes out of his way to shower praises. But when it comes to the heroine of his forthcoming film ‘The Other End of the Line’, Shreya Saran who stars opposite the dashing Jesse Metcalfe of Desparate Housewives fame, Amritraj is all praise for the actress.

When we caught up with Amritraj recently, he said, "Shriya will surprise everyone with her wonderful performance. The camera absolutely loves her."

Shriya, too, says that the production has helped her get the best out. "They wouldn’t let me use glycerine. I had to shed real tears, can you believe that?" Well, as long as the producers don’t get to shed real tears and get to go smiling all the way to the bank, those tears would’ve been worth it!

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