Shraddha Kapoor doesn’t wish to move out of her family home!

She is a sizzling hot property in tinselville after her huge hits, but Shraddha Kapoor is quite a family girl it seems. Since the actress has gone on to become a sensation, her living space has been revamped too. But she is just not ready to leave her family home!


With success comes need to have a huge living space. While Shraddha had her living space redone to accommodate more space and added a different exit for her, she doesn’t want to live away from her family.

Little Miss Bubbly says that she is extremely attached to her family and there is just no way will she stay away from them. Being considerate of her parents comfort, the babe got herself another route done to enter and leave her house, as she works at odd hours.

Aww! That’s cute Shraddha!

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