Shraddha Kapoor boycotted!

Well it is true! The Ek Villain actress has pissed off the wrong people – especially in show business. Who’re we talking about? Why photographers of course!

It seems Shraddha Kapoor has been boycotted by the press photographers as a whole, and no more clicks of Shraddha will be taken until they decide otherwise! Now that’s pretty much one of the worst situation a young actor on the rise can land himself or herself in.


They may all blame the photographers and the media for making their lives a living hell and what not, but they do need them for publicity and visibility to the public. In fact, it’s one of the key aspects which decides an actor’s career graph these days, isn’t it? Visibility amidst the all the noise..

In any case, Shraddha has lost that for the moment at least and here’s why..

The photographers say the actress has got a head that doesn’t exactly fit her shoulders anymore, or in other words, that she’s been acting a bit too pricey and arrogant for her own good!

Shraddha has not let photographers take her photos for the promotional events of her movie Ek Villain. In fact, she specifically forbid them to click her on most occasions, which has more or less insulted the photographers in question.

So last night, when the actress showed up to her latest celebration event for the movie with the rest of the cast and the director Mohit Suri, the photographers decided to use the opportunity to teach the young starlet a lesson. They explicitly asked for ‘solo’ shots of the cast and asked that Shraddha be moved out of the frame.

When Shraddha, along with her manager, tried to reason with the photographers later in the evening, they remained adamant on their stand. No more clicks of Shraddha!

Here’s what one of them said:

“We all are quite upset with Shraddha’s behaviour. What does she think of herself? At the success party attended by Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez, everyone else posed for pictures except her. We didn’t click her at the party as well.”

When asked how long this matter would take to resolve itself he said,

“I don’t know, I can’t say that as of now. We all will unanimously decide.”

Now that’s quite a pickle you’re in Shraddha.. Wish you well and hope you come up with a decent apology or something.

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