Shots fired at Jagan in ‘Lion’?

Lion Dialogues on YS Jagan

Have you watched Balayya’s ‘Lion’ yet? Well, if you haven’t watched it, here are some reasons as to why you might want to watch the movie. From playing the role of a CBI officer to rumors that the movie is based on real-life investigation conducted on Jagan for disproportionate assets by Lakshmi Narayana are few to start with.

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To find more motivation to watch the movie, you can read the review provided in the link below. But, enough motivation should arise from the fact that Balayya has never played a CBI officer before nor did any other Tollywood heroes. Moreover, Lion is the first movie released after the ‘Legend’ has become an MLA, and thus the allegations that Balayya targeted Jagan in this movie cannot be ruled out.

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If these allegations are true, then it is very likely that YSRCP is going to fire back at Balayya because with great ‘MLA’ power comes great responsibility.

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