Short-film actress Siri Priya approaches police for protection

Short film actress Siri Priya has approached Rajanagar police in East Godavari district for protection from the parents of her beau Prasanna Kumar, a student, who she married recently. Siri Priya and Prasanna Kumar met through Facebook and are seeing each other for the past six years.

Siri Priya
Siri Priya

The couple approached the police for protection from the boy’s parents as they have opposed the marriage. They took their son away from Siri Priya. The police restrained the couple in the police station and are awaiting the arrival of the parents so that they could be counseled.

​While speaking to the media, Siri Piya said, “Many people are underestimating the power of artists in the film industry. The parents of Prasanna Kumar have created a negative impact on her as she has acted in romantic short films. Siri Priya further admitted, ” she wants to start new life with her husband, and she approached police for protection from the Prasanna’s parents.

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