Shopping mall gave huge shock to Kajal Agarwal

Kajal Shopping Mall

Heroines and shopping mall inaugurations move hand in hand. Generally, top heroines like Kajal Agarwal will be visiting several shopping malls and will be inaugurating them. Hence, it turned common to see her pic along with the posters of inauguration in TV channels and in the Newspapers.

Recently, a prominent shopping mall did the same and the fans of Kajal showed interest to visit the shopping mall on the inauguration day. The promotion is stated to have been done in a big way and hence several people were stated to be on spot on the inauguration day.

At the end, shopping mall owners roped another heroine who charged less, and completed the inauguration process. Interesting aspect is that the actress Kajal Agarwal was not at all invited to this event by the mall owners. It seems that they didn’t even contact her. Just for the sake of publicity, they moved ahead with this stunt. Kajal Agarwal is stated to have got furious for using her name and fame. She is stated to have decided to file a complaint on this!

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