Shocking Wonders in Manchu Manoj’s Wedding!

Jagan and Ramojirao at Manoj Wedding
Jagan and Ramojirao at Manoj Wedding

The memorable marriage of the year goes to Manchu Manoj! With all the news we gave you about the reunions that occurred at Manoj’s wedding, there’s more! Everyone is aware about the rivalry between Power Star and Mohan Babu and their disagreements. We even saw both of them go at each on the Vajrostavala stage. However, Mohanbubu cordially invited Pawan Kalyan to bless Manoj and Pranathi at their wedding which Pawan Kalyan accepted. Mohanbabu and Pawan Kalyan were seen embracing each other and having a good time. In fact, Mohanbabu personally received Pawan Kalyan when he reached the venue.

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Next in line with a surprise are Jagan and Ramoji Rao. Even these two had kept aside their rivalry on this auspicious event and blessed the duo. In fact, they went ahead and chatted with each other for quite a while conversing about each other’s health. Sources say that Ramoji Rao even inquired about Jagan’s health.

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We guess that this marriage didn’t only bring together the families of the bride and the groom but also ties between many affluent personalities of the film industry and political parties.

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