Shocking Twists on Sridevi’s Death

It’s been two days since Veteran actress, the first female Super Star Sridevi’s death was announced. But, her body is still at the morgue in Dubai, where she left her last breathe after she went there to attend a family wedding. Awaiting the clearance from the Dubai Public Prosecution, everything is getting more worse for the family and friends of Sridevi.

Sridevi Dead Body
Sridevi Dead Body

Only after the clearance, the body will be released, embalmed and repatriated to India. In this frame of context, Sridevi’s death has become a topic of discussion for all. It was yesterday that the forensic reports of Sridevi were out, which claimed that she died by accidentally drowning in the bathtub. Ever since this report was out, there were several speculations and suspects made.

If she had died of drowning, why did the early reports claim that she died of cardiac arrest?

Sridevi who went to attend the meeting along with husband Boney and Jahnavi did not return to India along with them. Why?

If she was alone in Dubai, why did Boney plan a surprise visit all the way to Dubai again?

If she had drowned in the water, how did that happen and did the death scene give proper evidence of any information to prove that?

These are so unanswered questions, which will be known only when Sridevi’s body will be back to India after the clearance. We can do nothing but wait for the truth to come out.

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