Shocking Speculation – Singer Suchitra Kidnapped

The most controversial issues of Tamil Film Industry is the new Suchi leaks. A recent update on this issue is blowing minds.

Singer Suchitra Kidnapped
Singer Suchitra Kidnapped

Singer Suchitra who got irked with the ill treatment of Dhanush team became furious. She then warned Dhanush by posting a picture of her bruised hand. Then the following days have created nightmares for actors like Dhanush, Trisha, Anirudh, Andrea etc as their personal pictures and videos were leaked by Suchitra. All went well when her husband stepped in and said that it’s not Suchitra and her Twitter account got hacked. Recently, they claimed that Suchitra went abroad for the tour as she was so depressed about this issue but it was speculated that the sufferers of her Suchi leaks planned to abduct her. A rumor that the above-mentioned names formed as a gang and kidnapped Suchitra to make the leaks stop.

We are unaware of the facts as all the things are merely speculated. Is it really Suchitra who is taking revenge or is it some pervert hacker using her name is unknown for now. We have to wait and see for new twists in this issue.

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