Shocking News: Veena Malik slapped with 26 years imprisonment!

Veena Malik Jail

Veena Malik, the actress from Pakistan, who is famous in India, was in series of controversies during her film career. Now, this lady was struck in bottleneck problems in Pakistan. As per the reports, Veena Malik and her husband danced for a song in a show which belongs to a specific religion.

A group of audience felt that this act is not correct and they filed complaint on the TV channel and Veena Malik pair. It started as a small issue and it finally ended with 26 years of imprisonment to Veena Malik pair and the TV channel staff.

Anti – Terrorism Court in Pakistan gave this stunning verdict and Veena Malik was not happy with the judgement. She mentioned that she is not responsible for the song which was played by the TV staff. But, the court gave its shocking decision. Stay tuned to know the further steps in this case.

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