Shocking: Kick’s screening bombed in Pakistan!

All was well for Team Kick in Pakistan, when a shocking incident changed the turn of events. Salman’s Kick is doing exceptionally well in all nations, including Pakistan. But a screen was bombed while the film was being screened.


The Capri Cinema in Pakistan was the one bombed by hand grenades by two unidentified men. The whole scene caused uproar and the situation got too chaotic. This is not the first time a cinema was bombed in Pakistan. As the film released on EID, the shows were houseful and the cinemas were crowded.

Reports reveal that the hand grenades were only to cause damage to the property and scare the people and no lives have been compromised so far. Other ulterior motives are not yet known. Not long ago, two cinema halls were almost burnt, apparently due to anti-islamic nature they bore.

Other details are yet to come!

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