Shocking facts behind Bhavana’s molestation case

The kidnap and molestation of Malayalam actress Bhavana have shaken the entire South Indian film industries. In the police investigation, more shocking things are revealed by the policemen.

Bhavana Molestation Case
Bhavana Molestation Case

Actress Bhavana is returning to Kochi from Thrissur with her driver Martin. In a midway, the driver Martin has intentionally hit a tempo which has other men. All those men have joined Martin in Bhavana’s car and molested her very badly attempting to rape while driving around the city for 2 hours. After that, she clearly escaped from there and took the help of her director friend. In the investigation, it revealed that her present driver Martin and her former driver Sunil Kumar are actually friends. They both along with five other were involved in this issue.

Police have arrested all the seven and declared that Sunil is the ring leader behind this issue who has other cases in his past. It is also proved that the gang has exchanged 40 calls and many SMSs prior to the issue. Police have registered case under abduction and IT fraud. Meanwhile, the social media and celebrities came in support of Bhavana who is known for her roles in ‘ Ontari’ and Mahatma.

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