Shocking decision by Theatre management for Baahubali 2

Cinema theatres in the state are converting to 4K for the release of ‘Baahubali-2’ in April. Yes, you heard it right! Technological advancement in theatres is needed to attract the public, who are glued to TV channels, to theatres.

Baahubali 2 Theaters
Baahubali 2 Theaters

The 4K projector is the latest fad in the film industry and around 200 cinema theatres across the country are likely to have 4K projectors before April. In the state, Asian Cinemas and IMAX and others are believed to have agreed to switch over to 4K projectors.

According to sources, each theatre has to spend Rs 50,000 per seat for conversion of the ordinary screens and projectors to 4K. The conversion of projector and screen will take one week’s time. If the audio system too has to be changed, it will take five months. The approximate cost of the change of technology to 4K will be Rs 1 Crore.

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