Shocking Decision by Kollywood!

Kollywood Shut 100 Days

Kollywood film industry is now in the plan of shutting down the industry for 100 days. It seems that piracy is on peaks in Kollywood and the big shot producers decided to shut down the industry for a while and clean the piracy aspect completely.

Few were supporting this idea while few others were saying that this may shut down the industry permanently, if things goes bad. There are several people who are surviving on Kollywood on daily basis. If they lose work for three months, that will be a big loss for them as per the survival point of view.

More over, the producers and financiers who were connected with Kollywood too may lose money due to 3 months shut down. Considering these points, another set of producers were opposing the idea of 100 days shut down. Stay tuned for more updates on this topic.

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