Shocking Censor Cuts From Pantham Movie

Pantham is the latest Telugu movie that is gearing up for a grand release tomorrow. Gopichand and Mehreen Kaur played the lead roles in the movie. A new director Chakravarthy is making his debut with the movie. KK Radha Mohan is the producer. The movie wrapped up the censor formalities and the board awarded a U/A certificate for the film. The runtime of the film is 145.12 minutes. The censor board suggested some interesting changes for the makers which are mentioned below.

Pantham Censor Cuts
Pantham Censor Cuts

— Excise the usage ‘GST.Muted
— Excise the dialogue ‘corrupted’. (Muted)
— Excise the dialogue ‘cash ki tappa connect avvani nenu’. (“Cash Ki Thappa”Muted)
— Excise the usage ‘bloody’. (Muted)
— Excise the dialogue ‘ayina kuda corruption jaruguthune vundi’. (Replaced with alternative dialogue ‘Avineethini aapadaadaniki inthakanna em the ali”
— Excise the dialogue ‘avineetini protsahinchadaaniki kaakapothe’. (Replaced with “Saamanyudni ibbandhi pettadaniki kaakapothe….)
— Excise the dialogue from ‘ila kottestunna dabbu… to … kottestaarra’. (Replaced with ‘Repu anukokunda neekedaina pramaadham jarigithe, nee kutumbaniki andhalsina saayaanni kuda scam chesi, as ex-gratia kuda kottesthaarra…”

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