Shocking Bollywood Actress Suicides!

Here is some of the shocking suicides in Bollywood . Behind the glitzy and glittering affair, there lies an ugly and scarring face of the glamour-world where what appears gold is just glittery dust and nothing else. On the not-so-good front Bollywood’s ladies have resorted to Suicides which were shocking to the core. When life becomes too heavy to carry on with, those that give up upon life completely, seek solace by committing something heinous others deem it to be.

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Here we list down shocking suicides that happened in the tinselville and left us wondering upon the grotesque reality of Bollywood.

1.Divya Bharti:


She was just 19, when she fell from her husband’s apartment in 1993. Nobody till date knows if it was an accident, murder or suicide. But after several years of investigation, the case was closed and Divya’s death remains mystery.

2.Silk Smitha:


The girl who brought ‘Entertainment’ in others’ life, lacked it in her own toward the end of it. She was broke financially and in matters of heart, and also she was an alcoholic. Ending her life in 1996, at 35, Smitha left us all.

3.Parveen Babi:


Her looks would make men go weak in the knees. She was graceful and very elegant. But she at 55, gave upon her life, was heartbroken, and in her sleep left the world. She was alone in the last phase in her life and everyday it ate her away, until she finally decided to end it.

4.Nafisa Joseph:


She was a VJ and Sharmila Tagore’s niece. She was 25, when she hanged herself at her place in Mumbai in 2004. Reason being her marriage called off.

5.Varsha Bhosle:


Daughter of Legendary singer Asha Bhosle, Varsha committed suicide in 2012, by shooting herself at her place in Mumbai. She was said to be mentally ill at the time she resorted to suicide.

6.Jiah Khan:


Known to be bubbly and vivacious, actress Jiah Khan, was found in her apartment. The Police investigations are on and there is still no lead to prove it to be a murder or suicide. There are many evidences that show it to be a murder and Aditya Pancholi’s son, Sooraj Pancholi’s name comes into the picture too often. Jiah’s mother is still fighting to bring justice to her daughter.

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