Shocking! BMC destroyed Arshad Warsi’s Bungalow

The Bombay Municipal Corporation breaks down Arshad Warsi’s House, which is situated at Versova for purportedly building an additional floor unlawfully. The step was taken four years later after the BMC came to know about it.

BMC destroyed Arshad Warsi's House
BMC destroyed Arshad Warsi’s House

When BMC officials came to his home, they found it locked. They immediately demolished his bungalow. Arshad Warsi received notice on Saturday by BMC for the illegal construction of bungalow No. 10 in Air India Co-operative Society (Shantiniketan). They gave him about 24 hours to get rid of the unlawful build up of second floor (around 1,300sq ft). On Monday, BMC destroyed the building after giving notice.

BMC officials stated, another notice would be given to Warsi and his wife, Maria Goretti, directing them to give civic staff right to enter the property to confiscate the illegal floor.

In 2012, Warsi and his wife bought the bungalow from a retired Air India captain. Inspite of the illegal construction, they carried out renovation. The Air India Co-operative Society members told the matter to BMC about the illegal construction. When BMC took a decision to take away the illegal construction, the actor got stay from court. Now, the court raised the stay order.

Ward officer Prashant Gaikwad stated, “We will send a notice to him again and will remove the illegal floor.

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