Shock to Sudigali Sudheer From Roja

Actress turned politician Roja, who works as the judge of ‘Jabardasth’ show, shares good rapport with all the comedian of the popular show. Recently, she attended a comedy program. As part of the ‘Prank Call’, Roja called Sudigali Sudheer and terrified him in her unique style.

Roja and Sudheer
Roja and Sudheer

‘A girl has come to me alleging that you have cheated her. Should I call your parents? You know that I am always supportive of women and this cheating act of yours will not go unpunished,’ Roja said in a threatening voice.

No need to say that Sudheer was really scared and pleaded that he didn’t know any girl of that name, after Roja consoled him saying it was just a prank, Sudheer confessed that he got really terrified and was about to cry if she had continued the teasing for a few more minutes.

On the other hand, audience had a fun time watching all this live action.

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